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I provide coaching support to Corporate, Small Business, and Private individual clients. In addition to being a professional Transformational Life Coach. I also run a range of small group awareness workshops and deliver presentations tot he business community and wider audiences on the benefits of the coaching process and best practice.

Personal Growth


We live in an age of information overload with very busy lives and faced with multiple choices to make. We seem to have less time to do the things we want to do in this fast-paced, demanding world.

It is easy to become confused, loose our way or become disconnected from our core values and purpose. By focussing on what my 
clients are passionate about in life, I offer a highly personalized, non-judgemental coaching approach to help them experience greater
drive, motivation and self esteem to support them in achieving their personal growth goals.
I offer coaching sessions both in-person and over the phone. After an initial FREE 30 minute consultation to 
see how coaching can help, I will work with you to clearly define your short and long term goals and agree a strategy and approach to
​obtain your objectives.
Examples of personal growth areas I  specialize in are: 
Life Plans / Achieving balance 
Value System / Authenticity 
Character & Signature strengths 
Self Awareness / Self Discovery  
Limiting Beliefs 
Self Confidence / Self Esteem 
Inner Peace 
Emotional Wellbeing 
Positive Mindset / Resilience 
Health / Happiness 

Work and Career Coaching 

Focusing on singular or multiple facets of a client’s life plan, I seek to coach clients to achieve a greater work-life balance by integrating
and improving upon what works, and eliminating what doesn’t. By concentrating on achieveing their desired outcome or objectives
I can support clients by challenging them and holding them accountable for the goals that they have set for themselves
Coaching is about empowerment and not dependency, and therefore should conclude when the original client purpose to engage with
the coach has been met.
Some examples of Work and Career areas I specialise in are:  
Exec / Leadership Coaching  
Professional / Management Development  
Organization & Productivity   
Goal Setting  
Performance Coaching  
Time Management 
Problem Solving 
Effective Meetings 
Business Set up 
Business Mentoring  
Career Planning / Career Change   
Communication Skills​


Relationship Coaching 

Coming soon. 

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