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I'm Ray, a professionally qualified Transformational Life Coach who specializes in Work and Career, Personal Growth and Relationship
Coaching. I maintain a private practice based in Newport, Shropshire and work face to face with local clients. I also coach via Skype for other UK and International clients.

My Coaching Approach 

I believe everyone has the inherent skills to make any changes they want to their own life. Sometimes clients need a safe, confidential space, independent feedback and time to explore their thoughts. I provide this with a coaching style that is conversational based, combined with powerful reflective questioning.
Clients find clarity, inspiration and the appropriate strategies and tools to identify limiting beliefs, overcome fears, change perspective and break negative behaviour patterns or thought processes.
With empathy and understanding, I coach clients through the journey of eliminating feelings of self-doubt, loss of confidence or negative mind chatter and replace these with more positive and empowering thoughts. Building upon the clients core values and charachter strength, I enable them to address their life challenges and support them in attaining their personal growth goals.

​My Coaching Journey 

With over 33 years’ corporate experience working at senior executive positions for both Japanese and French global corporations, I draw upon my boardroom experience, general managment, leadership and change management skills to support corporate clients with their coaching needs, both inside and outside the workplace.
During 2006 I established an independent consultancy business iProCureservicesltd to provide interim management Procurement and Supply Chain solutions expertise to large FTSE250 companies, operating within multiple sectors across the UK. iProCure has a successful 10 year track record helping to transfer procurement skills and knowledge to corporate clients, as well as providing coaching and mentoring to the next generation of Procurement Directors and Specialists.
Working with a wide range of corporate clients, business leaders and industry sectors, I've experienced first hand how newly promoted senior executives, managers and staff struggle to transition into their new roles, fulfilling company responsibilities whilst trying to achieve a good work-life balance.
I recognised that many organisations were ill equipped to address this in a supportive manner, which consequently led to incidents of lower productivity, under performance, missed targets and workplace stress. Work-related issues have the potential to spill over into
home-life, possibly contributing to feelings of failure, loss of self-confidence, or relationship issues.   
Having experienced many of these issues personally, I wanted to become part of the support system solution for both individuals and businesses facing these types of situations. After embarking on a prestigious Diploma in Transformational Coaching via the renound Animas Centre for Coaching, I set up a professional coaching business to provide coaching interventions on Work & Career, Personal 
Growth, and Relationships.  

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